Video Editing and Grading

Kindred provides a complete range of video editing and post-production services, including editing, graphic design, animation, video grading and sound design.

Post-production can make or break a campaign which is why Kindred has curated an extensive roster of leading post-production creatives with decades of award wining experience spanning a broad range of brands, industries and platforms.

Award Winning Creatives

With over a 15 years of experience creating films and social media content for beauty and life style brands, Kindred are experts in film grading and retouching to a commercial level.

Many video cameras now shoot S-Log or RAW, which means video grading and retouching is an essential, stand alone part of the production process.

Cinematic sound design can also be used to further engage audiences and elevate films and video content of all kinds. At Kindred we employ commercial level editors, grader and sound designers for every campaign, curating the perfect team for each project from on our varied roster of award winning creatives.