Creative Consultancy

At Kindred we provide production and creative consultancy to brands and companies helping them to upscale their in-house capability and produce better content, marketing assets and social media.

We work directly with brands and agencies to design and recruit happy and productive creative teams that deliver, as well as working with existing employees to streamline creative processes, reinvigorate teams and elevate output.

We help companies take control of their creative departments and produce commercial standard film, photography and marketing assets, in-house.

Team Building

Well balanced creative teams are an exciting thing to be around. Putting together the right team takes experience, patience and time.

Kindred founders Sam Orams and Russell Owen come with 20 years of experience building creative and managing creative teams through the creation of game changing film, photography and social media campaigns across the world.

A well managed in-house creative team can prove to be a productive and economical powerhouse with the confidence and latitude to push boundaries, explore new directions and elevate the brand with bold and exciting content.