We provide an established roster of photographers, art directors, stylists and makeup artists to create standout campaigns and editorial imagery for companies and brands. We are equally at home working with our own roster of award winning photographers and crew as we are working with the talent’s or agent’s preferred photography team.

As part of our service we take care of casting, wardrobe styling, set design, props, hair and makeup, location finding and hire and facilitate photography shoots and content production in the UK, Europe, U.S, China and beyond.

Photography Production.

Kindred Communications provide a complete range of photographic production and creative photography services to companies, agencies and brands of all sizes.

We take care of casting models, wardrobe styling, set design, props, hair and makeup teams, location finding and more. Everything required to produce award winning, eye catching commercial campaigns and photographic content.

At Kindred Communications and we are known for running smooth, productive and enjoyable photography shoots for all types of production from advertising campaigns, to social media and editorial.