Feature Film Production for Cinema and Streaming Platforms

 At Kindred we create original and exciting material that pushes boundaries and delivers an unforgettable experience that audiences love.

Our key objective is always story telling. Everything for us starts from a script that you simply can’t put down.

We’ve nurtured a roster of relationships with investors, sales teams and distributors ensuring our ever-growing slate of original, meticulously curated content reaches the audiences it deserves and in turn rewards the investors who place their trust in us.

Kindred also co-produce and produce second unit for large productions as well as assisting companies from overseas looking for a foothold in the UK production market.

Our crew and our production capability are global, enabling us to meet the creative and budgetary requirements of any production, any where in the world.

For information and EPKs on any of our projects please get in touch – CONTACT

Current Slate, key projects:

Shepherd – Associate producers (Post-production)

The Brief – Producers (Pre-production)

Paper – Producers (Script)

Anglesey Road – Producers (Development)

Henry & Himself – Producers (Script)

Mountain Clouds – Producers (Development)

Z-Work – Producers (Development)

To Play The Prince – Producers (Development)

A Seven Mile Drive – Producers (Development)