Film Production.

Kindred are film and video producers with a background in branded content, commercials and cinema.

Our track record working with cutting edge fashion and beauty brands combined with our experience in feature film production enables us to create breathtaking, story-driven films and video content for a broad spectrum of companies and brands all over the world.

We work on projects of all sizes to create films and social media campaigns that truly activate audiences.


From social media GIFs to TV commercials and cinematic film, we can help you produce entertaining and memorable video content and social media films that audiences love.

We tailor each and every production from our roster of award winning directors, producers and crew.

Kindred Communications provides a complete video and film production service, taking care of everything from creative development to post-production, storyboards, location scouting, casting, set build, hair, makeup, styling, location hire, catering and transport.